Who we are
and what we do

Technology Solutions
for a Smart Business

Immediate electronic transactions, in an agile and secure environment, from anywhere.

We are the technological ally
that provides you with the ideal solution
for your business, boosting
its transactionality.

We have proven experience in electronic transactions,
with more than 30,000 customers

Our technological development allows us to generate immediate electronic transactions
in an agile, secure environment and from anywhere.

SaaS generating
increase in sales

Cost reduction

Secure transactions
in real time

Our product
is a technological platform

which allowsimmediate electronic transactions to be carried out through any electronic device.

Why choose Newt?

Our clients are our greatest commitment, we generate the ideal proposal for your business, we provide you with the best technological solutions in order to boost the transactionality of your operations. Our goal is to become the ally that enhances your business.

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